About Me

I have been working as a therapist since 1991.  During my Master's program and working towards my License Professional Counselor Certification, I started working in psychiatric hospitals.  Most of my professional career has focused on helping children and teens.  Doing this type of work, led me to be called as an expert witness in multiple cases involving my clients.

In 2006, I decided that I wanted to attend law school.  Because every time, I was called as a witness it seemed like I never got to say what I wanted.  During law school, I came to Colorado for my internship at Colorado Legal Services and to clerk for the Denver Juvenile Courts.


In 2011, I was admitted to practice law in the State of Colorado.  My focus continues to be on being an advocate for children and teens.  I have worked on interweaving my therapy background with my legal education.  I continue to practice as both a therapist and lawyer in Colorado.

Living in Colorado is amazing.  My family loves hiking, our furry babies, and jujitsu.  I like to take every chance I get to be outdoors.